• Our esclusive facilities offer a unique learning environment, tools for research and discovery; we have equipment that favors becoming familiar with the latest technology.
  • Students are the center and rason of the educational project, based on knowledge of each evolutionary stage, we offer a proposal based on learning, action and development of their potential.
  • Our teachers create opportunities for the construction of knowledge, skills and values, through careful study, the construction of experiences, reflection and collaboration.
  • Parents have an active and indispensable role in the educational process, keeping them timely and close communication.
  • Nursery and preschool 9:00 a 13:30 hrs.
  • Elementary, Middle and High School 8:00 a 16:00 hrs.

Communication and language

The meaning we give to the area of language and communication is to develop skills for meaningful and effective human collaboration. Thus promoting the knowledge of oneself, and the capacity to transform the social and productive environment.


In math our students develop their ability to analyze and interpret reality based on quantitative parameters, forming their capabilities to solve various problems starting from numerical logic.


Our approach to science serves a dual purpose: first, to familiarize students with the process of observation, experimentation and explanation of the world around them. Secondly, to deepen the knowledge of the natural and physical environment.

History and geography

Our approach to history and geography is meant to make a critical analysis of events and social processes, to better understand our present and form a clear picture of the future to be built.

Values, Civics and Ethics

In subject of Values, and Civic and Ethical Education, we promote development of critical and reflective attitude applied on studentes own behavior and social processes. It is imperative at this point, that our studentes recognize their opportunities and positive roles in social change.

Computers and robotics

Computer science and robotics are still in the process of developing, they are unique tools to facilitate the processing of all types of data and information. We instruct our students to properly use the technology, putting it at the service of learning, value formation and project implementation of social value.


Through our entrepreneurship program and project management program, we encourage initiative, innovation, recognition of the opportunities, and the development of a culture of self-management.


In Educar+e we seek the acquisition and consolidation of English. We give the upmost importance to the communicative skills of listening, reading, writing and verbal expression. We integrate the teaching of content and the English language with the analysis of multiple areas of study, thus expanding the cultural horizons of our students.

Educational Psychology Department

The educational psychology department takes care of the emotional and cognitive integration of students, teachers and parents. It facilitates the admission process, students accompaniment, values workshops, guidance to parents and teachers monitor pupils with special educational needs and coordination of parents´ school.


In art our students incorporate different artistic languages, discover their talents, explore a variety of means, express themselves, ask questions, learn to solve problems, find meanings and perceive the aesthetic side of life.


Yoga offers the experience of unification and wellness at different levels as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, contributing to success in the academic, personal and social fields.

Physical education

We understand physical education, as the education of man, centered on the body and its movement, and through this to other aspects of personality. An education based on the psychosomatic unity and aimed at having a better understanding of himself or herself, and a more perfect physical and social environment adaptation.


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